What's the go with Hazy Peak BBQs? It was started by two loose units who love the grill.

Picture of the founders of Hazy Peak Barbecues Murphy & Yarran

Hazy Peaks Barbecues is the smoke and sauce-covered baby of two mates, Yarran & Murphy! Or, you could say it is an on-line store supplying select premium outdoor cooking goodies to all of Australia. 

Like most good folks, we like hanging out, talking garbage with our mates, cooking and eating great food. When we found out some of the best BBQ gear in the world wasn't available to buy in Australia (and NZ), we founded Hazy Peak Barbecues. Now we are the exclusive distributor for PK Grills downunder and we're having excellent BBQ times all over the bloody country! How good is that?

We are happy to send barbecues to any backyard, restaurant, man cave, or beach in Australia or New Zealand.  We only sell what we personally cook with ourselves, so please feel free to drop us a line with any questions.  We love talking BBQ almost as much as eating it...

We sell time machines, Since 1952.

The PK Grills Story

There's nothing quite like the PK (Portable Kitchen) Grill. The Original PK Grill became a cult classic on the competitive barbecuing circuit. The only problem was that PK Grills had long since dissolved as a company and the grills we revered with near mythological reverence for those lucky enough to own one. In the seventies the rise of the gas barbecue came at the cost of the charcoal barbecue market. As we all know, sometime newer technology isn't always better.

For nearly 3 decades the PK Grill simply wasn't available to buy. Cheaper, stamped steel gas barbecues took over the market.

Paul James spotted a dusty PK Grill at a garage sale. He’d been keeping an eye out for one ever since he’d started dabbling in smoked meat himself. The first time he fired up the grill to cook a pork shoulder, he found the vintage model fully functioning. As family and curious neighbours gravitated around the popping fire, time and again he heard, “Where did you score that?” and “That’s the best grill that was ever made.” Sitting on his patio with a cold beer in hand, admiring the capsule’s perfectly simple design, an intriguing proposition emerged—could he bring it back?

“Where did you score that? ...
That’s the best grill that was ever made.”


After a bit of research, James bought the intellectual property and made connections at Regal Ware, the same tool and die caster that poured the original portable cookers.

From there, he commissioned a mold and began producing the PK Grill & Smoker once again. From the get-go, he found an eager audience. “The day I plugged our office phone in, it rang,” he says. “I assumed it was a wrong number, but when I answered ‘Portable Kitchens,’ a voice on the other line said, ‘I’m so glad to find you.’ ”

For more information, check out the PK Grills Website.


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Better Grills = Better BBQ.
Better BBQ = Happier Customers.

Would you like to sell PK Grills in your own BBQ store?  We are the exclusive distributor for PK Grills in Australia.  Please give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss retail opportunities.  Even if you don't own a BBQ shop, just think how impressed the customers will be at your hardware shop, butchery, BBQ joint, or craft brewery! Keen to know more? Let's chat